SchoolBOX Inc. FAQs

Q1: What is SchoolBOX?

SchoolBOX is a Registered Canadian Charity whose mandate is simple: “Build hopes and dreams together by Making Education Possible“.  SchoolBOX has been working within communities in Nicaragua since 2006 building schools, providing children with educational packages, building latrines/washroom facilities, tooth brushing programs, and organising soccer tournaments amongst schools to promote education.

Q2: What is SchoolBOX’s Registered Canadian Charity Number?

SchoolBOX Inc.’s Registered Canadian Charity Number is:83870 1324 RR0001

Q3: What is SchoolBOX all about?

SchoolBOX started in 2006 when Tom Affleck gave a little girl a gift of a notebook and a pencil in rural Nicaragua.  Upon seeing this, the girl’s father proclaimed that she could now go to school.  Tom realised how low the barriers to education were in this country compared to Canada, and knew that he had to take action.  He started SchoolBOX out of love for the children of Nicaragua with the help of his family and friends.  SchoolBOX has since grown organically through word of mouth and through the media into an organisation that served over 10 thousand students in 2010.

For more information, please visit

Q4:Where is SchoolBOX located?

SchoolBOX has two offices.

Their Canadian Office is located in Toronto:
SchoolBOX Inc.
140 Wendell Ave.
Sleep Country Canada Building
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M9N 3R2

Tel: (+1) 416-242-2213

Their Nicaraguan Office is located in Managua:
SchoolBOX Inc.
Km. 13 Car. Masaya
Mano derecha, Casa #2
Zona Residencial ‘Arboleda’
Managua, Nicaragua

Tel: (+505) 2279 9466

Q5: What did SchoolBOX accomplish in 2010?

SchoolBOX accomplished the following in 2010:

Tools 4 Schools Program

Provide basic infrastructure for our partner schools.


  • 3 new classrooms and 3 new washrooms at the Rueben Dario school in Leon
  • 55 desks and chairs for schools in Telica
  • A well for the Simeón Pereira school in El Sauce
  • 2 new classrooms and 3 new washrooms for the Sagrado Corzaon de Jesus School in Telica
  • 60 meters of a cement block perimeter wall for the Antenor Sandino School in Leon
  • Year rental of a building to house the Jezreel School in Managua
  • 1 new soccer pitch / sports area at the Rueben Dario school in Leon

Soccer Dreams Program

Motivate children to attend school by providing soccer equipment / hosting tournaments.

  • Two soccer tournaments for partner schools
  • 10 Partner schools from Leon, Telica and Managua participating

Big Smiles Program

Make it possible for students to brush their teeth daily at school.

  • 1019 students in 8 schools participating in the program (4 in El Sauce, 2 in Managua, 2 in Leon)

Supplies 4 Success Program

Give students and teachers the basic school supplies that they need to Make Education Possible (notebooks,pencils and so much more)

  • 10,084 educational packages provided to students and teachers in 45 schools

Volunteer / Intern Program in Nicaragua

Provide an opportunity for our supporters to work on SchoolBOX projects in Central America.

  • 42 Canadians participated in 2010
  • SchoolBOX hosted 2 interns in Nicaragua in 2010

Q6: What are SchoolBOX’s goals in 2011?

SchoolBOX has the following goals for 2011:

  1. Build 15 classrooms in partner communities
  2. Provide 12,500 students with educational supplies
  3. Include 10 schools in the Big Smiles Project
  4. Include 15 schools in the Soccer Dreams Project
  5. Host 100 international volunteers in Central America

Q7: How do I sign up for the SchoolBOX e-newsletter?

Go to – scroll down the the page and on the right hand page, you will see a form “Join Our Mailing List”.  Enter in your details, and confirm the email that you receive.

Q8: How do I get information pertaining to SchoolBOX build projects?

Simple, please visit our projects section:

Q9: How do I volunteer with SchoolBOX in Nicaragua?

SchoolBOX is always looking for volunteers young and old for a variety of tasks within Canada and Nicaragua (on volunteer build trips)

For more information, please see:

Q10 What is the breakdown of funds used for administration, and projects for SchoolBOX?

Direct Program Expense: 70.3%, Administration:15.94%, Fundraising: 13.75%

In 2011, SchoolBOX has budgeted for the following breakdown of funds:

Direct Program Expense: 82%, Administration: 9%, Fundraising: 9%

Q11: Who works for SchoolBOX?

Please see the following link for a description of SchoolBOX’s staff:

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