Educational Packages FAQs

Q1: What does an educational package include?

An educational package includes notebooks, pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener, and a ruler. 

Q2: Can I purchase school supplies and donate them as part of the educational packages?

Although the gesture is really appreciated, SchoolBOX only purchases their school supplies in Nicaragua at this point in time.  A donation earmarked for school supplies would be more helpful.

Q3: Why are school supplies purchased and packaged in Nicaragua?

School supplies are purchased and packaged in Nicaragua for a few reasons:

  • The monetary and environmental cost of shipping school supplies from Canada is far too much.
  • SchoolBOX prefers to support local businesses in Nicaragua.  SchoolBOX feels that local communities can develop through the growth of this business through jobs, and a higher standard of living.

SchoolBOX buys the school supplies at reasonable prices in Nicaragua, and strives to provide the supplier with a reasonable income.

Q4: How has SchoolBOX helped to transform the life of the educational package supplier in Nicaragua?

Elizabeth Torrez is the name of the lady who prepares the educational packages.  She is a single mother, she also works as an accountant.  She started a small library in the spring and she has been working from home with SchoolBOX.  Her prices are very fair and reasonable.

Elizabeth’s business has grown steadily since she started to partner with SchoolBOX.

Her business creates temporary employment for those in the community.  She has been able to supplement her income to a point where she can help support her son Joshua in college.  He is studying Systems Engineering, and hopes to a graduate and realise his dreams.

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