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Before and After lunch: two separate realities – Baddeck to North Sydney Ferry, and ferry ride to Newfoundland

I remember yesterday morning quite vividly: woke up at a luxurious hour, had a lovely and leisurely breakfast on the terrace of the Lynwood Hotel and then Owen and I walked the kilometre or so to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. The place does a good job of highlighting Bell’s key achievements as well as capturing key notes about his personality, relationships, values and so on. We walked through most exhibits and sat in on several movies, and had a good time. Then it was time to head back for our noon checkout. On the way I bought some razors at a PharmaPlus. The cost was $2.79. The young cashier had a faraway / bored look. I smiled and handed her a $5 bill. She gave me $1.21 in change. I showed the change to her and asked her about it. She said: “I thought you gave me $4”. Wow, that she could be so out-of-touch as to not realize that I had given her a bill, and that to my knowledge Canada has never issued $4 bills!

Back at the hotel we donned our riding clothes and gear,  packed up and checked out. We decided to have lunch at one of the restaurants along the main street since we did not expect services on the ride to North Sydney. Owen picked the Bell Buoy Restaurant. They listed in great detail their food standards: organic, fair-trade, locally grown where possible, yadayadayada. They did not, however, say that their food might be … spoiled.

Owen had a fish dish. I had a smoked meat sandwich and a chicken-vegetable soup. We both thought the food tasted fine. We started riding. The day was perfect: cool and bright, with little traffic.

Within about 15 minutes I started feeling queasy in the pit of my stomach. So I started taking deep, deep breathes, to suppress the rapidly rising nausea. That was my sole focus – so I can’t tell you much about the breathtaking scenery around Englishtown or the many other spots along the way. Owen led 10 km and then I did likewise. And all I could do was focus on pedaling and making it to the ferry terminal.

At the one stop we took we met a young couple who were cycling unsupported across Canada. They had met Jim in Charlottetown and exchanged impressions about our respective rides. They said they had heard negative comments and Cycle Canada. And, in their experience, it was far better to travel as they were doing: able to decide where to stay and for how long, what to eat and when etc. They figured their costs were about $50 / person / day – far lower than the cost of my trip. And they had a very upbeat feeling about them which Owen and I couldn’t match (not even if I was feeling well!)

It felt like a small miracle that I made it to the ferry terminal. We checked in and I made a beeline to the toilets and emptied my guts out – a very bad diarrhoea. I felt really sick and weak. All I wanted to do was to lie down. But it was only 3:30 pm and we were told boarding would start around 9:00. So I sat in one of those terminal-type plastic chairs and tried to sleep between visits to the toilets. It was pretty bad.

We boarded around 10:30. I went straight to bed. The night was pretty awful – I will spare the details.

Now it is mid-morning. I am feeling about 70%. I managed to put down a bit of food and several glasses of water and green tea. Fortunately the sea is calm and the ride is smooth. I have been taking Gravol every four hours, so one less thing to worry about.

We will disembark about 3:00 pm. And then we will have a relatively short ride to the motel. I am hopeful that this will be uneventful and that I will get a good night’s rest and feel better tomorrow morning. And then the final push to St. John’s and completion on Signal Hill. I wish it was tomorrow already!

“Fuelled by Equator Coffee!”

imageThe Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck — well worth the visit. Areas of focus include Teaching the deaf (which is where he got his start, getting curious about sound); Telephony; Aviation; Boating; Medical inventions; and Kites. And there are rich records of him as a person, a family man and a science and business partner.
imageThe Three Mouseketeers (who Ric informs me now want to be knows as the Riding Rats) on their way out of Baddeck
imageGraham — a modern Aussie Viking. If only the wind had kept coming from the back!
imageView above Englishtown (where we were supposed to camp), onto the Cabot Trail
imageCape Breton scenery

The Ferry, the Ferry! It would be over 6 hours before we would be allowed to board! And with me being really under the weather…

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