SchoolBOX Inc.

SchoolBox is a registered Canadian Charity (#83870 1324 RR0001) that helps children in Central America go to school.

The SchoolBOX Mission: To Build Hopes and Dreams Together by Making Education Possible (

SchoolBOX is committed to supporting the right of every child to a basic education.

It all began with a notebook and a pencil.

While in a tiny village in Northern Nicaragua Tom; SchoolBOX President and Founder, gave a young girl a notebook and a pencil. Seeing this simple gift, her Father was overjoyed and said to her ‘Now that you have a notebook and a pencil you can go to school this year.’

This simple statement profoundly impacted Tom and eventually led to the creation of SchoolBOX.

SchoolBOX uses simple, cost effective initiatives to allow children to go to school. SchoolBOX currently helps thousands of children get a primary education in Nicaragua.

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