Almonte Mini Cycle 4 SchoolBOX

This event is taking place in conjunction with the Canada-wide Cycle 4 SchoolBOX campaign which aims to raise awareness and funds in order to purchase 8000 educational packages and build 8 schools in Nicaragua.

There will be 2 fun rides for participants of all ages/abilities to choose from:

1. Mississippi Mills Tour (20-25 km) A scenic ride with Ilan Levy to Blakeney and back.

2. Almonte Fun Rally Tour (5-10 km) in town with options to bike/walk/jog.

BBQ at 5:30 pm on the lawn of St. Paul’s Anglican Church (62 Clyde St.)
Menu: Hamburgers $3 Hot dogs $2 Drinks $1
Prizes for the rides will be awarded at the BBQ + 50/50 Draw

Pledge forms and instructions for donations are available directly through the Pledge form link:

Participants are encouraged to set a goal amount and to ask family, friends, and co-workers for pledges. Please note all pledge forms and donations will be collected on Friday, August 5.

Online donations can be made through Canada Giving page:​/GivingPages/​px?gpID=13491

All funds will be directed and tallied directly towards the Amonte Mini Cycle 4 SchoolBOX Event.

Entry fee for non-pledgers (people who only want to particpate in the event without fundraising): Adults $10, Youth 8-16 yrs. old $5, Children under 8 yrs. old free.

Registration and Waiver Release forms along with tour maps and directions will be handed out the day of the event.

Help us support the right of every child to receive a basic education. All proceeds from this event will support the Canada-wide campaign.

For more details and to register contact:
Sara Cardona Email: + Facebook
Rachael Gardiner, campaign coordinator Email:
Carol Bruce Email:

For more information about SchoolBox go to:

To follow Ilan Levy’s journey go to:

Let’s extend a warm welcome to Ilan and put the friendly town of Almonte on the map!!

Waiver form is available by clicking this link:

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