About Mata de Caña

The current Mata de Cana School

Cycle 4 SchoolBOX be raising money to purchase 8000+ educational packages in Nicaragua, and also funds will be used to build a school in Mata de Caña, in rural Nicaragua.  This will be the first of 8 classrooms built through the proceeds of the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX

The community is located within the Maribios Volcano Chain in North West Nicaragua.  The Mata de Cana School exemplifies the difficulties of getting an education in Nicaragua. The community lives a 3 hour hike through the mountains from the nearest road. Everything is carried in by foot or horseback – including the teacher. Every Monday, a teacher rides up on horseback and returns home on the Friday. Her arrival brings hope into the community. Help us to empower 29 students through education by building a safe and secure classroom and two bathrooms.

For a more detailed description of the school project, please click the image below:

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