Cycle 4 SchoolBOX FAQs

Q1: What is the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX?

The Cycle 4 SchoolBOX  is an 81 day, 8249km journey between North Vancouver, British Columbia and St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Ilan Levy will take 66 riding days to complete this journey between the West Coast and East Coast of Canada.  He will be biking an average of 125km per day on this journey, which will be used to publicize the state of education in Central America.

The concept of the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX is simple:

  • Cycling across Canada
  • Raising awareness about SchoolBOX’s mission to ‘Make Education Possible’
  • Raising $100,000 to provide 8000 children with educational supplies and build 8 classrooms in Nicaragua.

Q2: Who is partcipating in the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX?

Ilan Levy will be participating solo in the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX.  By following his progress, passing this story on to friends, family, organisations, and media outlets, volunteering, or donating money, you will also be participating in the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX.

You can also participate in the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX by attending an event, or helping to organise an event yourself.  SchoolBOX has grown by leaps and bounds because of people running large and small events, and promoting the message of ‘Making Education Possible’

Possible events may include:

  • Car washes
  • Bake sales
  • Fundraising dinners
  • Open mic nights

Let your imagination run wild!

Q3: What is the goal of the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX?

The goal is to raise awareness over the state of education in Nicaragua.  A component of this is to raise enough money to purchase 8000 educational packages for impoverished children in Nicaragua and also to build a school in rural Nicaragua.  One education pack per kilometre cycled will go to the kids in Nicaragua and 8 classrooms will be built through this campaign by raising $100,000

Q4: How was the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX developed?

The Cycle 4 SchoolBOX was a concept cooked up between Ilan Levy, and Tom Affleck, the founder of SchoolBOX.  They met at a SchoolBOX fundraising event at November of 2010.  There conversation quickly turned to Ilan’s love of biking and desire to bike across Canada.  Ilan decided to combine his love for biking, and adventure with his love for helping others and education.  There was a natural fit between Ilan and SchoolBOX.

Q5: What happens if the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX raises more than $100,000?

If the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX raises more than $100,000, the remaining money will be spent on other SchoolBOX projects, such as classroom builds, dental hygiene programs, soccer tournaments, and other projects that empower students to learn.  Rest assured that the money raised through Cycle 4 SchoolBOX will be used to help ‘Make Education Possible’

Q6: How will I know how much money has been raised, and the exact uses of all the funds?

In order to see the most updated total of monies raised, please see the Progress Tab on the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX website.   This will be updated frequently before, after, and during the ride.

A full report of all monies raised, and their uses will be published on at the end of 2011.

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