Cycle 4 SchoolBOX

Ilan Levy is cycling 8000km across Canada to raise funds and awareness for SchoolBOX and the state of education in Central America. For each kilometre cycled, Ilan hopes to raise money to purchase one package of educational supplies for an impoverished child in Nicaragua. Part of the funds raised will also go towards building a small school in a community called Mata de Caña in rural Nicaragua, and also towards building 7 additional classrooms in Nicaragua.

One education package includes notebooks, pencils, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener. In a country where many families live on less than a dollar a day, the gift of a simple school package can eliminate the barriers to education.

Cycle 4 SchoolBOX aims to raise over $100,000 in order to purchase 8000+ educational packages and build 8 classrooms across Nicaragua.

Each kilometre cycled brings hope to a child.

Starting in North Vancouver, British Colombia on June 7, and ending in St. John’s Newfoundland on Aug 26, Cycle 4 SchoolBOX presented by Sleep Country Canada will be a grueling journey of self-discovery for Ilan Levy. It will also be an amazing opportunity to ‘Make Education Possible’.

Some stats of the ride:

  • Total Distance: 8249km/5126miles
  • Daily Average: 125km/78miles
  • Total Days: 81
  • Riding Days: 66
  • Rest Days: 15
  • Rest Stops: 13
  • Ferry Days: 3
  • Provinces Visited: 10
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