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Winds ruled, last night and today — Lower Barney’s River to Linwood, NS

Just when you think it not likely that you will experience anything new on a trip like this — something new comes along! Things leading up to ‘sleep’ were pretty ordinary: a good meal, Ric announcing with pride and joy that Gina had come in second in a swim race back in Vancouver, discussions of plans to change the suggested ride route for the next day… And when I woke up around midnight the first thing I noticed was the wild flapping of the rain fly. Not due to rain, rather a very strong wind was batting everything in its path. And on top of this I could hear waves crashing on the shore. Waves, crashing on the shore of a river? What kind of wind would do that? No, we didn’t experience a hurricane. We did however hear the roaring flapping of the giant tarp we use to cover the bikes at night! Too funny!

Today’s ride was dominated by winds. Mostly ‘against’ us, no matter which way we turned. But having four riders switching the lead made it easier and we made it into camp relatively early. Here we said our goodbyes to Landen, who was heading home to Halifax (which will require him to ride three consecutive ‘centuries’ — 160 km days or longer.)

Our plans for the coming few days have changed! We were looking at a long day tomorrow into Englishtown, followed by just 40 km to North Sydney where we would have to hang around till 9 pm before we could board the ferry to Newfoundland. So we made the executive decision and reworked the plan: we will ride a shorter distance tomorrow, to Baddeck, see the Alexander Graham Bell museum and other sites and stay in a motel. Then on Wednesday we will have a longer ride, about 80 km, to North Sydney. Which will mean less time hanging around waiting to board.

Our change of plans cascaded into a Cycle Canada change: Nieka and Chelsea will not drive the truck to St. John’s. Instead, Bud will rent a van and take our stuff to St. John’s, while the ladies will start the long drive back to Ontario. So tomorrow morning will be the last we will see of the two young women who have been part of our lives for the past 11 weeks. For some reason this is really driving home the sense of ‘the end is coming’. So soon! Three months ago I could not have imagined saying those words!

imageLanden’s goodbye cake — he left earlier this afternoon from the Linwood campsite. All of us will miss him.
imageTypical road and scenery for us in Nova Scotia
imageThe Four — Isabel, Landen, Owen and I. Last time together, now that Landen has left. The remaining three expect to be on Signal Hill this Friday! Along with the three Mouseketeers… and thousands of ecstatic, adoring fans!
imageSafety shot, in case the first one didn’t work out!
imageLinwood campsite. For the first time during this ride I had to peg down the groundsheet AND the tent before pegging down the rain fly — the winds are that strong!
imageOur neighbors — modest RVs (recreational vehicles) that are only more luxurious than 99.9999% of homes on planet Earth.

More neighbors. We are definitely the ‘great unwashed’. It so happens that I AM washed: 3 minutes for a dollar. Boiling hot water that had me jump out of the shower. By the time I got the temperature right, the time was up!

  1. August 23, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    Hi Ilan, I’m enjoying these last few days of the tour – and your campaign for SchoolBox! I’m sure you must be as well – – such accomplishments all along the way, new and strong relationships built and building, and an everyday test of your leadership – your purpose, stake, skill and will.

    Welcoming you almost home, Love Leslie

  2. August 22, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    Your posts continue to amaze me, not only because of your cycling accomplishments and the beauty and challenges (e.g., winds) of the places you’ve been and the people you’ve met, but also because of the unique life experience, and intimacy with your co-cyclists, that you’ve cultivated in these amazing weeks. I’m sure like all of life’s wondrous chapters that must, eventually, come to close, the end of this one will be bittersweet. I wish for you the ability to not only keep these memories alive forevermore, but also the ability to keep the wisdom you’ve gained, the accomplishments you’ve achieved, and the love you’ve experienced infused in your bones, in your heart, and soul. Love, Rho

  3. Reuven
    August 22, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    Hi Ilan,

    Aren’t you tempted to switch this fast pace busy place where you live today with one of quiet romantic places that you’ve seen along the way?

    Enjoy the final miles,

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