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Sheep and a fox — Charlottetown, PEI to Lower Barney’s River, Nova Scotia

image“We aren’t, we aren’t all sheep!” Or are they?
We took different routes and we all ended at the same place, on time. The weather again played tricks with us — it was cloudy and looked like we would get rained on, but we got more and more blue skies as we rode toward the Wood Islands Ferry.

We had a bit of excitement at the ferry’s cashier’s — we were promised that there would be a record of us, and there wasn’t. But this got straightened out after some time and we made it on board.

Nice smooth ride across to Nova Scotia. Welcomed by Owen’s sister. A short ride to a Tim’s for a Chilli Combo and then a very fast ride to the campsite, thanks to strong tailwinds, mostly along highways with great shoulders. The final bit of side-road was OK as well — no surprises.

Good dinner. And a goodbye cake for Landen (photo coming tomorrow), who will leave us tomorrow. We are all sorry to see him go.

The photos tell the story.


A beautiful fox got run over and was lying in the middle of the road. Next thing we saw was Ric with a fox tail… which he stuffed it into his Cycle Canada water bottle and claimed the fox had climbed in there and died! There is only one Ric!
imageApproaching the Wood Islands ferry. There was supposed to be a record of us. There wasn’t. We stood there and discussed the situation with the attendant while a long line of impatient cars, motorbikes, trucks gathered behind us. Some started honking. The attendant called her manager. Then she called the Cycle Canada number. Then she let us through.
imagePEI view, next to the ferry.
imageThe ferry kept its engines running while we boarded — made a good photo.

Out the back of the ferry — starting to move.

imageGetting out of the docking area.
imageWe’re going to fit through there?!
imageOld lighthouse at the edge of the pier
imageApproaching Nova Scotia
imageClose to docking in NS


Before unloading


First we were welcomed to Pictou County…

imageThen we were welcomed to Nova Scotia!
imageThen we were welcomed to Nova Scotia! One more province to go!
imageAnd this is where we get to spend the night!

Possibly the nicest campsite to date! Wonderful showers, great pool, free WiFi… and mosquitoes to cow us all!

Only problem was — Owen and I got there before the truck! So we waited, and waited, … and then Owen’s sister picked him up. The truck arrived soon after.image

Still a spectacular view!

  1. darylwood
    August 21, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    I don’t even want to know how Ric got that tail! Let’s hope there are no deceased moose in Nfld or he could have some serious drag on his bike! Enjoy these final days. I’m sure you can all taste the finish line. SO wish I could be there. Love Daryl

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