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Rest Day in Charlottetown, PEI — Pizza Delight followed by the snooze of the over-fed, a walk through the lovley downtown area, and Cow’s ice cream

Having a real Rest Day is a treat and it shows: things go in slo-mo: languid breakfast, an extra cup of coffee, leisurely conversation (where Bud and Margo, owners of Cycle Canada, were referred to as Budget and Embargo) and then an amble back to the apartment – so little to do and so much time!

Had a lovely catch-up call with Gay. We are actually discussing the end of the Ride, our days in St. John’s, and going home! This seems more than a little unreal, and yet it will be here, so soon! One little change: we are going to cancel our subscription to the Globe and Mail! I have been without it (and any other form of daily news update) for almost three months – and I haven’t missed it. And Gay has been advocating for this change for a long time!

Another catch-up call, this one with Avi and Kath.  And knowing that this sort of activity, so much part of my daily routine for years, will be back soon – and will be welcome!

Owen’s sister from Nova Scotia paid him a surprise visit: he was expecting to see her tomorrow, when she will pick him up at the camp site, and here she was! Owen, his sister and his daughter, son-in-law and grandson were heading out to lunch at a Pizza Delight and invited me to join them. Owen and Landen had spoken often about this restaurant chain – how could I say no? What ensued was a chain of minor missteps and miscommunications that seem funny and trivial in hindsight. But, at the time, when it is hot and people are famished … But we made it to a Pizza Delight! And it turned out to be just a short walking distance from our residence! (We had crisscrossed the town to get here – long story.)

I opted for the unlimited buffet. To paraphrase Owen: ’They are lucky that they don’t get cyclists in here every day – they couldn’t stay in business!’ I had three rounds, and they were good! I almost grabbed a piece of sweet pizza (topped with fruit and preserves) on the way out… And I felt full. And I knew that a snooze would be advisable. Inevitable. Before we say goodbye Owen’s sister and daughter make cash donations to SchoolBOX. I am so touched by such generosity. And I am so very grateful for it.

Owen and I walked back. Well, he walked, I waddled. And for me this was followed by two hours of blissful downtime.

I really needed to air myself out. So I walked to the downtown area: pretty, very picturesque, touristy yet lovely. It feels prosperous, welcoming. There was a big annual parade here just hours before we arrived, and a jazz festival was taking place the whole weekend. Lots of people in restaurants, pub patios, in stores and on the streets. A lovely feeling.

Big sale on sports equipment – mostly golf clubs and stuff, and various outerwear and sports clothing. I don’t need anything… and I have a hard time resisting a sale. There are several lovely Sun Ice jackets at deep discounts. I mull them over, and over, and over. I walk out. I return. There is one jacket that I would like to buy. But not at the price being asked. I walk to the front and ask if they would sell it at the price I want. The man says “no”. I thank him and walk out empty-handed. And I feel good!

Cow’s Dairy makes awesome ice cream.

Back to the apartment. I prepare a light meal. Just a bit more blogging – about today – and I will be done. Everything else is ready. Breakfast will be at 7 am. We will aim to make the Woods Island ferry by 11:30 am. Then we will be off to the province-before-last… amazing!

“Fuelled by Equator Coffee!”

imageStreet-scape in downtown Charlottetown — touristy yet lovely
imageCow’s Dairy Bars serve the best ice cream in Canada (and, according to one authoritative-looking survey, “The World!”) I have no reason to dispute those claims, based on my two scoops, of Espresso and Toffee Crunch.
imageUnusual fountain on a trendy street…
imageThe Home of Canadian Confederation (back view)

The Home of Canadian Confederation (front view)

  1. darylwood
    August 21, 2011 at 7:02 am

    Dear Ilan, Reading your last few posts there is a sense of winding down, finishing up, bringing closure to this experience. I know there are still several days and a couple of provinces to master and still, I wonder if you have moments of reflection on this incredible journey. I can almost hear the cheering from those children you are serving. Godspeed my friend. Love Daryl

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