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Woodstock to Fredericton — boring is good. And a good Rest Day in Fredericton.

Given the previous day’s ‘canine’ experiences, everyone agreed that Hwy #2 was the preferred route to Fredericton. Getting to this highway was very easy. Riding on it was just as simple: wide shoulders, protected by rumble strips, extremely long and not too steep climbs followed by extremely long and not too steep descents. Boring. But fine with everyone.

Entering Fredericton involved crossing numerous ‘on’ and ‘off’ ramps of various other roads entering and exiting Hwy #2 and then other roads we were on. This required extra care and clear communications, and we executed all of them without incident. As we neared the University of New Brunswick I saw a Hakim Optical outlet! Great — this would be my first destination after I settled into our dorm. And there were numerous other stores and food outlets around — civilization again!

Fredericton is built in a very hilly area. We traversed several of those on our way to the Residence office. Here we got our keys and access cards and learned that our rooms were ready! But all our stuff was still on the truck. So … I won’t bore you with the logistics. One thing that was truly unusual was the temperature in the entire dorm building — it was like a sauna. And this extended right into our unit! Sliding the temperature control to the lowest temperature had no impact. And the only impact of a very loud central fan seemed to be the noise it was creating.

Got my backup glasses repaired and bought a temporary set of glasses that fit my current lenses reasonably well. I can see! A quick meal, a side trip to an electronics store that yielded none of the items I need, then back to the dorm. Jim’s birthday party was supposed to start in his room around 6 pm. There was no one there at that time, nor for the next while. So I started catching up with my blogging. Eventually I gave in to fatigue and went to bed, with the tent fly and the ground sheet sprawled across pieces of furniture to dry out. The heat was unbearable — I was in my shorts, on top of the bedding, with earplugs inserted and I could not go under. So I got up and wrote some more. Then I fell into a fitful sleep.

imageLanden and Isabel resting next to spectacular rock formations, beside Hwy #2

Owen doing an Owen thing.

  1. Gay
    August 16, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Good thing you can fall asleep just about anywhere!! Even the bird poop ledge. Hope the wind is at your back and the sun overhead as you leave your rest stop in Fredericton. Hard to believe only one more rest stop before St. John’s Who eee!!!!

  2. Carol Good
    August 16, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Canada – land of rocks and trees and water! Ride on.

  3. darylwood
    August 16, 2011 at 8:01 am

    Whoa – greeeeeeeeeeeat photos.

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