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Awesome ride to Riviere Ouelle from Quebec City — with Landen and Isabel, and a funny finale…

The day started with a couple of unusual experiences: first, we were served the ‘standard’ breakfast at the Universal Hotel in Quebec City: powdered scrambled eggs, sausages, heavily oiled deep-fried potatoes. With self-serve toast, cereals, juices. No problem with any of these, not with our appetites! But then came in a large group of African-American tourists (from Louisiana) — and each of them got EXACTLY the same meal as us! I had a vision of a production line creating these meals, without any natural ingredients or human intervention!

One of us noticed that Graham forgot his waist bag on his chair at the restaurant. Isabel handed it in to the Reception. A  few days later Ric announced that ‘found items should be given to Nieka’. 

Amazing bike lanes right from the hotel. Easy directions and a beautiful ride along the water, right to the ferry to Levis.
Rain was promised. And it did come, off and on. But with it came a strong tailwind that more than made up for the inconvenience of the wet. Once again we were riding with Landen and Isabel. And today Isabel asked to take turns leading. And she did a good job — fast on the flats, slower on the climbs, and a real trooper. I deeply admire her tenacity and ability to dig deep and keep up to the best of her ability. And it feels easy for me (and others, I believe) to support such effort.
Stunning scenery – I took more photos today than on any other. Almost all the riding in Quebec has been along the Ottawa and St. Lawrence rivers, which has a huge impact on the vistas…and on how I feel! And I absolutely love the care that this province has shown for tourists and cyclists: great paths, excellent markings, rest stops… Quebec ROCKS!
Windsurfers on the stormy river. Two experts frolicking with the strong wind, gliding over the waves. A crowd stood mesmerized by their mastery.
McDonald’s ice coffee is great! We were nearing the end of the day’s ride. We switched onto a rough gravel road ‘under construction’ near La Pocatiere. At an intersection we saw Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s and several other of our favorite outlets and opted for the Golden Arches. The others got ice cream cones and cups. I got a huge ice coffee. YUM!
Every day must have rough patches.
– 5 km of crazy construction — we’ve come to expect that every day we will ‘enjoy’ at least one bit of ugly, punishing road as well as a tough climb, usually at the very end. And once again we were not disappointed! The combination of very coarse gravel and huge pot holes had us shaking, bounding, cursing and giggling — it was so unreal!
– We reached camp before the truck. Then the girls showed up. And the Mouseketeers.Then the girls got the site info and drove up the steep hill. Then Ric and Jim went racing ahead of us, right behind the truck.
– Which is our site? As the rain falls. The last thing we cyclists want is ‘uncertainty’ when it comes to where to set up our tents, at the end of a long wet day, with more rain coming. It took the girls a bit of time to clear this up. The truck ended up a bit further away and with a couple of other campers in RVs between us and the truck. Small irritants add up and foul the atmosphere.
– A day isn’t over till… – I really liked those glasses. As in most cases the showers in these campsites are tiny, narrow, with little room for clothes and kit. This shower was narrower than most and had ONE hook. I placed my glasses on top of my wash bag which was on top of my clothes. Had my shower (only 25 cents for 5 minutes). Stepped onto the thick black perforated rubber mat and felt a ‘crunch’ — my glasses had slipped down and I had just snapped off one of the arms! S**T!!!! I walked back in the drizzle, with the glasses suspended on my nose and one ear! Funny, but not ‘ha ha’. And this will not do for riding. Fortunately I brought my old pair — I will have to dig them out of the other trunk. And most amazingly… I was less irritated / hard on myself for this screw-up than I would have expected. Progress? Let’s hope!

imageViews of the old city in Quebec City
imageOld and new — the ferry dock to Levis, so we’d be on the’ right side’ of the St. Lawrence
imageQuebec City panorama
imageOn the ferry to Levis — such a civilized way to cross rivers!
imageViews of the old city in Quebec City
imageI told Ric there was no way he could take this with him…
imageViews of the old city in Quebec City
imageThe industrial side of Quebec City
imageThe landscape we cycled through
imageLush farmland — long view
imageLush farmland — roadside, up close
imageGreen, green, green — so beautiful
imageShore of the St. Lawrence — at low tide this becomes a scene of mud flats, quite other-worldly.

Two very capable windsurfers performed wonderful tricks just off to the right. On very short boards, with very large sails. And in full wetsuits. They had a large group of appreciative spectators.
imageBeautiful environmental statue at a Municipal Rest Stop. Quebec has lots of such stops, with bathrooms and benches and drinking water and often a cafeteria. Quebec ROCKS!
imageAnother view of the statue.
imageOwen was in the lead. He put his hand down to indicate “stopping”…and stopped on a dime! The three riders behind him screeched to their own halts, beyond him! Clear communications are so…(fill in your version!)
imageThe other side of the view that made Owen stop
imageThis vista turns into mud flats at low tide — and they are just as beautiful!
imageStormy St. Lawrence

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