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Expected a long, wet day but it turned shorter and dry — Montreal to Trois Rivieres

imageLeaving the Island of Montreal

Leaving the Island of Montreal — other side

I could have taken hundreds of photos today. Heck, I could have taken that many on the Island of Montreal alone! What a beautiful city — and leaving it was just as spectacular. Les Routes Vertes — The Green Routes — are Quebec’s fantastic contribution to cycling culture. We took Route #5, almost right from the hotel and almost all the way to our destination! And this is not just ‘paint on asphalt’: a dedicated paved set of smaller lanes, very well marked and signed, extending on and on along, first along the St. Lawrence and then alongside Hwy 138, inland. And the beauty! Over 20 km on the island alone, with the impressive Montreal Port extending for much of this distance; and then the stark contrast between the riverbank properties along the west bank, some of them quite spectacular and lavish; and wall-to-wall industry, huge plants spewing smoke from enormous stacks on the east bank.

The forecast was ‘rain and thunderstorms” in both Montreal and Trois Rivieres. The skies were clouded over and the temperature dropped as we cycled north. But an hour later the temperature soared from the low 20’s to the mid 30’s! I was sucking back water and Gatorade at record pace. Then, at one of our stops, Landen and Isabel pulled up to us. We agreed to ride as a foursome — my first time riding with Isabel. And she lived up to her reputation, keeping up with the pace as the three of us rotated the lead role.

We all agreed to ‘straighten out’ Bud’s instructions by largely remaining on Hwy 138. The cumulative benefit started adding up to where it became clear that our route for the day would be lower by over 10 km — very welcome relief!

Once we left Hwy #138 the scenery changed to ‘pure agriculture’ — enormous spreads of corn and hay and …blueberries! The bushes are ridiculously laden with huge clusters of blueberries, glistening in the sun. And the ‘pick your own’ crowd are out in force, partaking of the bounty.

Lovely campsite: our truck very close to the entrance, with football field sized spreads of manicured grass in all directions, a huge wading and swimming pool, and immaculate bathrooms with tiled showers and loads of high-pressure HOT water! We are happy campers!

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  1. darylwood
    August 9, 2011 at 5:55 am

    Dear Ilan, I’ve really enjoyed catching up with the last week of your journey and love how you tell the story of delights and challenges. When I look at the map I still shake my head at what you have accomplished. In your modesty, I’m sure you have not told us how much you have inspired people along your trip. You are a champion!

  2. Tom
    August 8, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    Hi Ilan,
    It looks like you are into the beautiful Eastern scenery. I hope that the ocean air is a wonderful refresher and motivator for you. Amazingly, in a few weeks the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX ride will be completed. What a truly incredible experience. Thank you Ilan for inspiring so many to join us in our dream to ‘Make Education Possible.’

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