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To Montreal — great scenery, wonderful bike route and Michel Deshaies of Ca Roule Montreal On Wheels

An easy 65 km ride. Easy, despite the somewhat challenging route to Old Montreal. We took our time, ogled the Hudson wealth, enjoyed seeing the numerous cyclists along  Lakeshore Rd., admired the bike paths and the remarkable mixture of tasteful-to-obnoxious mega-homes in Montreal’s western suburbs, enjoyed a unique conversation with Horst at Tim Horton’s (East German, here a long time, worked in the shipyards, won the Tim’s bike award…).

Hotel Le Dauphin at 1025 Rue de Bleury is lovely: well located and well appointed. The helpful desk staff pointed me to a nearby bike store. It was a long saga, which would only interest bike aficionados (and even then only maybe!) Suffice it to say that Michel Deshaies of Ca Roule Montreal On Wheels (27 De La Commune Est) discovered the errors of several previous attempts to fix my bike’s various ailments — and addressed them, very professionally, while explaining in detail what he was doing and why. The final bill was reasonable. His shop joins the top of the list!

In search of dinner. We got the addresses of several Vietnamese restaurants. Turned on the GPS and started walking. Raindrops, huge ones, started splattering down. Should we go back for rain gear? Na! By the time we reach Rue St. Catherine  the giant drops formed a coalition and turned into a continuous torrent which continued for over an hour. We huddled under the Bay’s canopy (Baie in French) and waited for a slowdown. We then let our hunger overrule the continuing rain and just walked down the street in search of nutrition. The restaurants we had chosen turned out to be in food courts so we just cruised for a while until we saw Reuben’s — and the sort of meals we both wanted! Following a big steak (Owen) and a plate of smoked meat (me) we waddled back to the hotel, content and oblivious of the spatter and splashing by cars.

Tomorrow will be here all too soon!


This is one of the more modest Estate Homes in Hudson-land, just across the water from Oka. Some of the larger abodes would cause Toronto’s Bridal Path mega structures to cower!

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