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“Full circle” to where SchoolBOX began — a magical day in Almonte, Ontario

Magical. That is my one word for my time in Almonte. And to honour this powerful word, I won’t burden you with the ‘details’ of my visit, delightful as they were. Instead, I invite you to join me in feeling the wonderful warmth that surrounded me from the moment I got to Almonte until my last minute there.

For starters, every Almontean I met was emotionally ‘on board’ and ‘engaged’ with SchoolBOX. This was the most powerful coming together of a community around a cause that I have ever witnessed. Young and old came out to show their support, actively participating in and contributing to the events. And the resulting events reflected the people’s commitment and dedication – very personal yet professional, with many people contributing and many more enjoying the festivities.

And some of the notable people I met:

–          Sara, who organized the mini-rides and the raffles.

–          Rachael, the Cycle 4 SchoolBOX’s remarkably capable, dedicated and cheerful media assistant, who I finally got to meet!

–          Les Humphreys, of the Almonte Cycling Club. He rode with me, showed me some of the town’s hidden treasures, and then called his friend Bram Moerman in Ottawa and enlisted him to guide us out of the city the following day!

–          Dave Friesema, Sleep Country’s EVP and COO, who drove all the way from Toronto to show support for SchoolBOX and my ride.

–          Wonderful volunteers and more wonderful volunteers.

In Almonte I felt appreciated and loved. I wish this feeling for everyone.

“Fuelled by Equator Coffee!”

imageUpper Falls
imageMoi — taken by Les Williams
imageBeautiful rock garden near Upper Falls
imageThis green power plant supplies enough hydro for about a third of Almonte’s households (unofficial estimate by Les Williams)
imageScenery that very few passers by ever get to see

imageWith the inventor of basketball, who was born in … Almonte!

imageBrian Cross is a special ed teacher in the nearby community of Carp. He will use Cycle 4 SchoolBOX stats, such as the length of daily rides, distance remaining etc., to teach math to his students!

One of the many highlights at the BBQ following the Almonte Mini Cycle 4 SchoolBOX rides. And this beauty was half white angel cake and half chocolate!

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