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“KISS” = Keep it simple, syclists – Toronto to Grafton

Drew took great pains to plan a lovely route for us along the Waterfront trail, including how to get there from the Novotel. He gave me detailed maps, printed in color. I was considering this and other route options and then thought: ‘This is the Monday of a long weekend, so going right through the city shouldn’t be too bad…’ I was really hoping I was right. We rode on side streets to Bayview Avenue, south to Sheppard and then east… on and on and on, till Kingston Rd., then Hwy 2, and pretty much all the way to Grafton! The wind was at our back, it was sunny and hot, and traffic was light. I enjoyed playing tour guide with Owen and Landen, pointing out landmarks and explaining aspects of the geography, demographics and so on. In no time we were having lunch in Port Hope. And the ride to Grafton also seemed like a minor distraction. The real distraction was the …infernal clicking sound, back again!

Nice to set up camp with all dry, all clean everything. And it remained so overnight – very dry, above and below: no moisture on the fly or on the ground sheet – a cause for camper celebration.

 “Fuelled by Equator Coffee!”

imagePickering flower growers
imagePickering flower beds
imagePort Hope rail links

Creative landscaping in Southern Ontario farmland

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  1. Harvey Griggs
    August 3, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Hey Hero —- What a ride!!! Congratulations for the progress so far. Will you ever be the same? (I hope so). Sorry to have missed you in Toronto. Too many things committed to. Good luck for the finishing stretch. Harvey

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