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Generous campers, threatening skies, bad road, 1010 Ted, the kindness of Tim’s and an impressive old timer – Miller’s Lake to Meaford

Owen and I were setting to leave when a couple approached us near the truck. They were in a nearby RV and were curious about our group and the ride. Doug and Diane Roeder from Ayre, not far from Kitchener-Waterloo. When they heard about SchoolBOX Doug gave me $20, Diane took a photo of him and me, and they promised to check out the blog. What a wonderful way to start any day!

Heading south on Hwy 6, the skies looked like they would open up any moment. And as Daryl promised, by the end of 40 km the lovely pavement was seriously downgraded. And we were riding into a headwind.

At 10:45 I called the studio at 1010 and was put through to Ted Walyshyn, whose programs I had been listening to forever! We had a lovely conversation. Once we were done his assistant came on the line and asked if I would be available on Saturday to come in and do a live interview! I will certainly try!

Jim’s experience and my GPS suggested a different route from Bud’s. We stuck to Hwy 6 and then started wondering if this was such a good idea after all! The road was narrow and badly surfaced, without shoulders. And the traffic was thick, fast, almost intimidating – perhaps an early start-up leading to the long weekend? We gritted out teeth and kept pushing ahead.

We stopped for lunch in Owen Sound, this time choosing a … Tim Horton’s. (Admit it, this took you by total surprise!) A gentleman in a Tim’s uniform stood outside. We told him where our trip started. And about SchoolBOX. He said he would never have the strength for such a ride. Owen said we did not, either…and I added that this was why we came into Tim stores all across Canada. Inside we each ordered the Chilli Combo. When Owen went to pay he was told that our meals were comped! Owen immediately donated his $5 lunch money to SchoolBOX. And as we were enjoying our meals an elderly woman came and asked about…and promised to check out the blogsite!

A classic photo-op: Owen under an “Owen Sound” sign. I tried to convince him to cover up the “Sound” but we then realized that “sound” was a big part of him – as he is always singing, or humming, or whistling or drumming. So actually the sign was perfect.

A couple of errands, a steep climb and we were on Hwy 26 on our way to Meaford…which was a bit like stuttering, given the numerous bits of construction that kept stopping us before allowing us to proceed for several more kilometres. Eventually there were no more crews, just really awful broken up pavement bordered by large orange cones. I pumped as fast as I could to put this segment behind us. Chris then caught up with us and offered to lead. He sped us through to Meaford’s center, where we started looking for Bridge Street – our first turn on our way to the campsite. We came across a Trowbridge Street. Was this it? Best thing is to ask a local. A nice lady obliged: the name changed to Bridge Street just past the …bridge! Now, why would we expect the instructions to have such a detail?

Just as we were about to ride on an elderly gentleman on a Brodie bike approached us. He had heard the exchange and offered further help. And he gave us some personal details: Hugh Timmerman, 80 years old (!), originally from Holland, living in Meaford for the past 10 years, rides over 20,000 km a year (!), just got back from riding 600 km in 5 days, with the longest being 170 km… OK, I will endeavour to not complain again about any aspect of the riding! I promised to blog about him and he promised to check the blog out.

Set up the tent. Started blogging. Suddenly Bill Porter, my riding partner from Vancouver to Calgary, is standing among us, carrying a case of Heiniken! What a lovely surprise! A lot of catching up to do. And a superb dinner. And more stories. And his input about modifying tomorrow’s route. And finally, he promised to come to our Sunday BBQ in Toronto. Alright!

Phone frustration with Gay’s cottage line. Not sure what’s happening and hope this will not repeat. One more day of camping and then I will ride home, hopefully accompanied by Electa and Drew! Sooooo looking forward to this weekend!

“Fuelled by Equator Coffee!”

imageTrying to figure out the map’s instructions and to decide how to proceed….
imageWhen they heard about the ride they gave us free lunches! Tim Horton’s in Owen Sound ROCKS!
imageOwen in Owen Sound… yep.

Hugh Timmerman. 80 years old. Rides his bike like he was 50 years younger. Great story teller. Look him up on the web!

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  1. John Timmermans
    December 23, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    I know there are nice folks in Meaford. Good friends of ours are the White families. We meet all the time with get togethers at our roadtrek rallies. Meaford is a nice town.

    Bro John from down South.

  2. Hugh Timmerman a.k.a. Hubert.
    August 1, 2011 at 6:52 pm


    I waited for this write-up! First off, I apologize for the bad weather forcast I offered up to your nice group of gentlemen. Once again, the weather gods let me down and I worried about you ever since for what could have been a nice shower, turned into a downpour. I worried that your precious electronic stuff might be damaged, that you ended up sleeping in a puddle, and cursed me ever since. I also neglected to inform you that every Civic Holyday in Meaford is a Kin Camp weekend reserved for Kinettes. I figured that Meaford Memorial Park camp staff took pity on you seeing that you represent such a worthwhile endeavour and allowed you to bed down for the night. Meaford people are nice folk – I told you so!

    Hugh Timmerman – the old guy!

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