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Headwinds make the day blur – Obatanga to Agawa Bay Provincial Park

The Obatanga campsite is located among stunning lakes. We were off and riding at 07:30 – too early to stop and appreciate the beauty. Enjoyed a lovely tailwind for the first 30 km or so. We were both cheerfully taking stabs at words for a Tour Trans Canada song, based on the melody of “Hello Mother, Hello Father.” Then the winds shifted, right into our face. From there on I noticed only occasional images: beautiful lakes, more lakes, dense woods, rock faces. And motels – almost all of them closed, or burned down, or for sale! A sad reflection on what must have been a vibrant tourist industry, probably focused on fishing, hunting, canoeing and kayaking. But no more. What caused this wholesale destruction? The US economic downturn? Our strong dollar? I keep meaning to ask a local, and I keep forgetting.

Otherwise this was a head-down, pound the pedals kind of day. We stopped at Wawa where I was saddened to see that the Goose, which I had recalled being about a hundred feet tall from when Rafe and I saw it in 1974 was actually about 20 feet high. Then we kept pounding till we reached the truck and the “Halfway Lunch” – celebrating the approximate midway point of the Vancouver-to-St. John’s journey. (The fresh mango shakes were fantastic!) And then we grunted and huffed and muscled our way to camp.

I haven’t had cellular or data services on my phone since Thunder Bay. I am wondering if something got short-circuited in my phone during one of the wet rides — oh no! This question, among others, will be answered tomorrow in the Soo!

“Fueled by Equator Coffee!”

imageSo much smaller than I remembered! Then again, the last time I saw this was in …1974!
imageStunning sandy beaches on the north shore of Lake Superior
imageDedicated to Ms. Keates — Katherine’s Cove
imageThis says a lot about CycleCanada and our tour… which way would you turn? I went right, which was wrong! :-)

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  1. John Greey
    July 24, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Don’t worry…..poor sense of direction and forgetfulness are just signs of aging!!! See you soon?
    John & Marlene

  2. darylwood
    July 24, 2011 at 6:09 am

    My Gosh Ilan, what grueling experience. Your commitment and determination are epic to be able to endure such challenges. I think of all those who face incredible odds on a daily basis and I say KUDOS to you for taking this on to bring opportunity to disadvantaged children. Remarkable. See you Wednesday my friend. Love Daryl

  3. July 23, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Okay, even more stunning! xoxoxoxoxo

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