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…still in Saskatchewan, for one more day… Regina to Melville

We could have taken the Trans Canada. We actually did, for a bit. Then we were directed to Hwy 10 East. The scenic route. It may have been the most beautiful road in Saskatchewan, or in the world, but we wouldn’t know – there was far more traffic on this two-lane road than on the Trans Canada! And we were forced onto the road itself for about 30 km, due to non-existent shoulders. Happiness is…

Again, this was not typical Saskatchewan. The road was not straight. The land was not flat. There was variety in everything: the angles and curves, the crops, the colors and sizes of trucks that came within centimetres of us. Happiness is…

But I do enjoy riding with Landen. As with Bill, Landen and I developed a good system. So the kilometres go by fairly quickly, even when the road is challenging and the temperature reached 35.9C (vs. the forecast of 27C.)

When there is nothing to do but pedal – in the lead or behind Landen  – I have time to reflect. Thoughts come randomly – I write blogs about this day or edit previous blogs; I reflect on how the ride is progressing, how the fund-raising is coming along, what Gay is doing now that she and her gang are in Italy, how well Dutch Cycle fixed my bike, the exceptional quality of the cup of Equator coffee I made just before leaving to ride…and the time and kilometres go by. Happiness is…

And by and large everyone on the team is pretty happy. There is a lot of joking and joviality and ribbing and bitching and sharing stories and experiences and reviewing upcoming routes and writing blogs and filling diaries and … none of us lasts very long after a long hot ride. 150+ km in extreme heat has a way of letting the air out of our balloons. So we eat, talk, yawn, do whatever is required to close the day, and cocoon in our tents. Lights out. Even the fact that we are almost on top of a busy highway screeching with traffic has no bearing. We have earned our dead-to-the-world sleep. Till 6 am tomorrow.

“Fuelled by Equator Coffee!”

imageWater everywhere — looking toward Winnipeg
imageWater everywhere — looking back to Regina, before 30 km of torture on Hwy 10
imageQuaint art in Melville…next to the professional baseball batting machines. These folks take the sport very seriously!

Horses doing what horses do when there is lots of water about and no chores… :-)

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