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Rest in Calgary: afternoon, evening, night, and the day after

Lahav picked me up from the U of C residence. We drove to his home, to a warm welcome by Jo, Roni, Idan and their new flat-coated retriever. Roni graciously gave up her bedroom to me. I spread my stuff out: laundry pile, clean clothes for the evening’s fundraising dinner, electronics, and bike stuff. Oh yeah, I also brought my bike, which Lahav immediately set out to clean and lubricate and figure out a solution to my ‘rear pannier bag pushing down on the brakes’ problem.

Showered and shaved, I joined Lahav. He suggested installing a completely different brake system in the back – he would take it off one of his older bikes. And he did this in record time. But we needed some parts and we had no time. The whole family discussed the next day’s events: Roni’s graduation ceremony mid-morning through (and including) lunch; a cocktail party for the grads, to which we were invited; and then a fund-raising party at Jo and Lahav’s place, in the evening. We agreed that Lahav and I would go shopping for the bike parts and to hopefully repair the GPS, right after the lunch.

Lahav and I head to the Moti Mahal – an East Indian restaurant in Jo & Lahav’s old neighbourhood, which they pronounced “very good”. Jim is waiting. He has an irreverent air about him – funny, quirky, quick-witted, with an endearing smile and twinkling eyes. It’s ‘like’ at first sight. We speak about SchoolBOX and banter and are then joined by Jim’s girlfriend, and by his friend and associate Tod and Tod’s wife Laura.  And a couple of Jim and Tod’s friends join later.

We have a great meal.  We share wonderful conversations. Jo joins us. More good camaraderie. And then Jim and Todd commit to significant donations – one to be made that evening, the other the following day, at Jo & Lahav’s. And Jim had solicited more donations from friends who could not be with us this evening. And the total value of his and Tod’s generosity? Over $10,000!! (including incredibly generous matching by an anonymous donor.)

We head home with full bellies and warmed hearts.

Next morning, the graduation goes off without a hitch. Roni looks stunning in her dress and high heels and first-ever hair do. Her friend Gabe is handsome and dressed to match.

This is no ordinary school. The Canada Sport School fosters two types of excellence: top performance in various sports among some of Canada’s most promising junior athletes, as well as superior academic performance that opens for the students the futures of their choosing.

The ceremonies are impressive – with several excellent speeches by teachers, students and by one of the parents. Roni is a co-Master of Ceremonies during lunch, and does a fine job. Lots of photos. And then she is a graduate!

Lahav and I head out. We already know the GPS is fried. So we buy a new unit after ensuring that it will work with the old unit’s maps and accessories (heart rate monitor, cadence sensor). Then we go to MEC – Mountain Equipment Co-op. As soon as we describe the situation, the two technicians outline a solution: the original brakes will work with a different rear rack! $35 for the new rack, plus a couple of cables, and we head to the cocktail party. Here the fresh graduates have been given a lavish party and the opportunity to unwind. The kids are having a good time with lots of beer and food and letting go.

Back at Jo & Lahav’s home everything works like a charm – the new rack solves both the brake problem and, unexpectedly, moves the pannier further back so that the back of my shoe no longer strikes it. Lahav adjusts the brakes and they work much better than before. Yeah! And the GPS mounts easily and works, perfectly! Soooo nice!

Lahav and Jo prepare for the party. Guests arrive. I find it so easy to speak about SchoolBOX. And most people seem genuinely interested. Jim arrives and I enjoy speaking with him some more. Cool dude.

We devour Lahav’s wonderful hummus and Jo’s kebabs. And since tomorrow is a work day the party breaks up early. One generous guest makes a lovely online donation via Lahav’s computer. Another leaves a cheque. Wow!

Idan, Jo & Lahav’s son, comes in with a box of Cycle4SchoolBOX cards and stickers and a box of Equator Coffee, brought over by Jon Tam’s friend Kelsey. Yipppeee!

I pack up and then Lahav drives me over to U of C. What an amazing weekend.

imageOur god-daughter Roni and her boyfriend Gabe — what a gorgeous couple! And in a few hours she will graduate from the Canada Sport School!
imageRoni and her brother Idan

It’s official!

“Fueled by Equator coffee!” — Finally!

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  1. jo
    July 3, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    I would love copies of the grad photos you have included here.
    It was great having you here in Calgary.

    • July 5, 2011 at 5:39 am

      Dear Jo,
      I hope you can download them from the blogsite because I delete all photos from my camera as soon as I upload them! Sorry!
      It was wonderful spending those hectic two days with you and the family.
      With love,

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