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The end of Alberta is near — Drumheller to Youngstown

So nice to wake up to a dry campsite and blue skies. Landen and I agreed to ride together. And we opted to follow the map’s instructions. Which took us off the main road, Hwy 9. The benefit? Very little traffic, and considerate drivers. The cost? Far more hills and descents. And a wonderful tailwind that turned into an in-your-face headwind.  But having a good riding partner makes a big difference – getting to know each other better, telling stories, talking about the ride – all these help pass the time and the kilometres.

The terrain is quite similar to yesterday’s – not much to add. A few key differences: instead of hawks flying we saw the sorry sight of three hawks dead on the shoulder — poisoned? shot?; and instead of the wide, smooth shoulders of the previous days we experienced a very narrow single track next to a heavy-duty, tooth-filling loosening rumble strip. And poorly repaired cracks every few meters meant that we were shaken and jostled every second or two! For 50 kms! Brutal.

As we pulled into Youngstown we remarked about the darkening sky. We pulled into the motel – yes, we are staying indoors tonight! I luxuriated in a long warm shower and rinsed out my riding clothes. When I came out into the room I was treated to an amazing lightning display and then the skies opened up.

It has been pouring for almost two hours. We got several pizzas and our ladies prepared greens and potato salad. The motel’s owner provide awesome desserts:  homemade trifle, real whipped cream, Jello, real whipped cream, strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries and real…you know.

And most importantly, we will sleep indoors tonight!

imageGas flare-off — you have to look closely to see the flame, blowing on top of the thin tower, from left to right. It was SO spectacular in real life!

imageWater from this tower is fed purely by gravity to a distance of 105 km (almost 70 miles) !!! Too bad the corresponding road was not ‘a gradual, graceful, steady decline’… :-)
imageAn hour earlier it was shining brightly. A typical flash storm in eastern Alberta. Spectacular lightning show. Massive rainfall. Then it just went away. A few weeks ago this kind of storm dumped 7 inches of rain…within a few hours. The picnic tables were floating…

Water, water everywhere!

“Fueled by Equator coffee!”

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