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And on the eight day we…had a lovely ride!

Kelowna and its wonderful sunny weather seems like a distant memory. Before letting go of it I wanted to share an impression: the people in the downtown area seemed divided into two groups: very young, often attractive / buff, and often with TONS of tattoos; and patronly and matronly retired types. Obviously this place attracts a broad range of people. No doubt the weather plays a big role.

Vernon stood out in the following way: the young man who interviewed me came down to the highway, took some photos and asked a couple of good questions…only a couple, because he had read the press release materials thoroughly! Good to see.

Rest of the cycling was ‘routine’ – mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, extensive road construction. And great weather. We made good time to the Mara campground, which was lovely. Set up the tent under blue skies. Opened both vents and spread my riding clothes to dry on top of the rain fly. And got ready for dinner with the Case Family.

It was past 4 pm, which was when they were going to pick me up. I checked my phone: no reception. Oh. Better go wait for them at the entrance. There was a comfy bench there. It was sunny and warm. The next thing I knew 15 minutes had passed and there was a whole group of people standing around me! I had fallen into a deep snooze – how unusual :-)

Introductions. Deb and Alec, (Shirley’s parents. Shirley was the inspirational young woman who had spent much of her adult life volunteering and helping children all over the world. She was murdered in Afghanistan.) Shirley’s aunt. Shirley’s younger sister and her family.

We drove to their friends’ condo nearby and they fed me — to the brim! The two slices of rhubarb raisin pie with whipped cream were the perfect ending to a perfect meeting. Getting to know this wonderful family and learning more about Shirley made me feel emotional and connected. And the fact that some of the funds that my ride is raising will go towards the Shirley Case School in Nicaragua connects me to the Cases even deeper.

It started to rain and we headed back. I was overwhelmed by the gifts and donations that the Cases gave me – direct, no fuss, lovely.

At the campsite I took the pie, peanut butter cookies and tray of potato goodness to the serving tent. The huge cookie tin emptied out almost immediately. Introductions all around. And an offer for all of us to stay in Greg’s parents’ church in Banff if the weather was bad!

Tough to say goodbye.

The rain came down harder. Bill had closed down the flaps on my tent, so only a little water got in. And he had tossed in my clothes as well. So it was off to bed.

Rained throughout the night and into the morning. So once again we packed up our wet tents and huddled in the cooking area, shoveling in delicious hot food the fortify us against the challenging day.

Four hours of climbing on the Trans Canada in the pouring rain. At least the shoulders are wide and in good condition. What helps is the scenery: heavily wooded mountains enclosing the narrow valley in which the road and railways climbs towards Revelstoke. And into which hundreds of streams and waterfalls and rivers flow, joining the big violently rushing river.

Campsite again disappointed. The good news is that tomorrow we will stay in a motel in Golden!

imageMountains and lakes, lakes and mountains…
imageSycamoos (sp.?) — the houseboat capital of the world, on Lake Shuswap
imageDriving the last spike into the Trans Canada railway
imageWith Bill…during a rare dry moment!
imageFreezing on the way to Revelstoke
imageOn the bridge before Revelstoke — having ridden for 4 solid hours in pouring rain
imageGraham at rest
imageSnow in the mountains all around the Trans Canada (Hwy #1)
imageTrain derailment just before the turnoff to our campsite
imageLush greens, no electricity till 7 pm, showers are $3 for 6 minutes, wifi between 5 – 7 pm…this is the life! And the mosquitoes (millions of them) are huge, and free!

Drying wet clothes on a line is standard practice so far.

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  1. Electa
    June 24, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    Nice shower cap Ilan!!

  2. Carol Good
    June 24, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Glad to see that your riding with clean clothes! Hope that the jersey holds up. Great photos.

  3. Sarah Dale-Harris
    June 24, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Go Ilan!! It was fantastic to meet you in Nicaragua :) I look forward to seeing you in Toronto and cheering you on in person. All the best for a safe ride, Sarah

  4. June 24, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time Ilan- I love the photos.
    We preparing to hand out 1000’s of new educational packages and getting closer and closer to the completion of Shirley’s school. Thanks for helping to make it all possible Ilan!!

  5. Doris Rankin
    June 24, 2011 at 10:49 am

    Here today, gone to Mara. Best of luck Ilan from a longtime SchoolBOX fan and mother of Rachael.


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