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10, 9, 8, 7 …

Quick recap of the last few days:

– Experienced the Galloping Goose Trail, from Victoria to the ferry back to the mainland. This most remarkable bike trail took us right from near our hotel over a converted railway bed, residential streets and dirt paths, through lovely neighborhoods, near the water, all the way to our destination — about 35 kms! The large number of cyclists and hikers was a great testament to its quality.

– Spent a couple of days in Vancouver — resting, organizing gear, learning fine points about maintaining my bike. Witnessed the Canucks’ painful defeat in Game 6. Regained some of the pounds I lost over the past few days :-)

– Bid a heart-tugging goodbye to Gay, who I won’t see till the end of July: the longest we have been apart in over 20 years!

– Bid a grateful adieu to Barb and Les. They were amazing hosts: planning our trip up the Sunshine Coast and throughout Vancouver Island, chauffeuring us all over the place, helping me with shopping and other errands, feeding us (Barb), providing numerous cycling tips (Les)… SO MANY THANKS!

– Settled into my room at UBC and met a couple of the other riders who just came back from a trip to Victoria. Tomorrow we get ‘oriented’. The day after we…ride!!!

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