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First ride in rain… coming up, sooner than I cared for!

Yesterday’s abridged ride from Tofino to Parksville was challenging but good. We skipped the piece through the center of the Island – very narrow and winding road, without any shoulders. Not worth the risk.

Climbing over 1,000 feet from Port Alberni was breathtaking – literally! Heartrate reached over 155…and I was practicing diaphragm-breathing and forceful exhalations. Crested around 1,300 feet, and sort-of-coasted to Parksville.

Time-share resort is ok. The gps found it easily. And the grill bar served a great potato-and-leek soup (that was about 50% garlic!) and a great mixed grill. (I am learning that what I eat at night really affects me – if I have a lighter meal I wake up at night feeling ravenous!)

Next stop Victoria!

“Fueled by Equator coffee!”


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  1. Avi
    June 13, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    Hey Ilan, Kathy and I are just back from Windrush (James’ cottage)….and only this morning I went for a bike ride with him…. and guess what…it was cold (only 10…) and rainy…. so there you are… alittle bit of sympathy and lots of love….:-))

    Will be looking forward for more of your stories and progress on your courageous ride.,.


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