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Powell River now tops my ‘hit parade’

My first on-air interview was set for just past noon two days ago. We timed it so we would arrive at the Earle’s Cove ferry just before. And we did, after a challenging 60 km ride during which we gained over 850m of elevation. So we rolled into the landing, loaded the bikes into the van and I pulled out my phone to call Zoe at CJMP, the Powell River station…and saw a big fat red “x” where the reception signal bars should be!

We loaded on the ferry. Gay and I ran up the stairs and found the payphone. Inserted a credit card in every possible direction (since the sticker showing the right direction had been yanked off.) The payphone refused it. And the coins. It was now 10 minutes after the arranged time. Gay had the brilliant idea to call the TELUS operator! And she put the call through.

Zoe was delightful. We had a lovely conversation. She mentioned that Kyle from the local paper wanted to interview me. And she invited us to a ‘poetry slam’ that evening.

I rode to the Beacon B & B where Roger hollered me in. I could tell that I was going to have some fun with him.

The Beacon is one of the nicest B & Bs I ever stayed in – and we’ve been to many! Every aspect of it was superb – big rooms with big private bathrooms; remarkable free supplies (razors, toothpaste and brushes, high-end soaps and shampoos and lotions…and first-aid supplies, Werther’s candies, truffles, After Eights…) AND a super-comfy bed and WiFi and…the most delightful hosts!

Kyle the reporter came over and we had a delightful long chat. Then Barb and Gay returned from a visit to the Leonburger breeder – Barb and Les will be getting one of these adorable puppies, from the next litter.

Along with the ladies was Lori, Barb’s high-school friend and a Powell Riverian (?). Her husband Ron joined us and we then headed to a local pub. We were joined by their son Brian, a cool young man.

When we parted, Lori handed me a donation cheque. Tx!

A great night’s sleep. An interview at 06:15 with Crash and Pat from 103.1 Jack FM, a Victoria morning show. Then more lively banter with Roger. I also learned a lot about the paper mill and other aspects of the town.

Breakfast was fantastic, accompanied by Roger’s hilarious antics. I was sad to leave. And when we settled the bill I wasalso handed a large bill – another donation, this time from Roger and Shirley!

Les and I rode back up the road to a bike store we saw when we came in the day before. Frank Chrinko, the owner of Suncoast Cycles, was alone and assembling a high-end Trek road bike. I described my brake problem to him, and that I thought stickier brake pads would help. He took one look and said he knew how to fix it. A few adjustments and $10 later my brakes were better than ever – a real testament to Frank’s expertise. And he gave me a few pointers and some spare screws that he thought I might need on the ride! We picked up a few items and headed back to Powell River and the ferry to Comox.

Les and I rode to Campbell River – see the photos. The last one is of two eagles on Aaron rock at the river’s edge – which we thought was super-cool until we met up with the gals and heard they saw about a dozen eagles on the rocks near the inn.

Same end-of-day routine: bikes into the van, drive to the inn, shower, dinner, catch up with emails, sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

You wouldn’t know it from this post, but one concern I have is that I won’t have the time/energy/proper conditions to…blog! We’ll see :-)


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  1. Jason
    June 10, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    The idea to have the operator patch the phone call through was such great idea! Will definitely have to keep that story in mind for future reference. The Beacon really sounds like they go all out, hope to visit one day!

  2. June 9, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Thank you Ilan for the kind comments about your stay at Beacon B&B By the Sea Spa. It was a delight to have you all stay with us and we wish you nothing but the best on your journey. We will keep track of you along the way for sure. I have forwarded your blog and Cycle 4 SchoolBox website off to some of my wonderful compassionate friends.

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