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Ready, set, go…

By late last night I succeeded squeezing three months’ worth of clothes, bike and camping gear into the bike box, the camp bag, two cardboard boxes and a small computer bag. The latter holds my electronics, INCLUDING my day old tiny laptop – Avi’s birthday gift. He and I went on a wild tear yesterday and got a ton done.

Now Gay and I are sitting in the Air Canada depaprtures lounge. Security was the usual treat – the line was very very very very slow. Really slow. Then the checker rummaged through my camping bag and fished out my…tent pegs. The supervisor wa summoned. And promptly confiscated my metal pegs. New summer regulations. Plastic pegs are ok!!! Huh? Ours is not to reason why…

Through the panoramic windows I can see a huge part of the inner airport – and the foreboding grey sky above. Looks like a serious storm brewing. And we know its been cold and rainy out west. Is this a sign of things to come, or clearing the atmosphere for the ride ahead? Stay tuned…

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