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The four “P”s

When Neil Ohm, Iqbal Mohamed and I launched our software venture in 1999 we focused our vision and purpose around The three “R”s — Rules, Roles and Routes. That became the focus of our branding, marketing, pitches to venture capitalists and prospective clients.

Yesterday Neil and his wife Laxmi graciously offered their hospitality and opened up their home, inviting family and friends to lunch in support of the Cycle4SchoolBOX. (BTW, the meal was wonderful as always, and I had so much of it, that I could only manage half portions at dinnertime!)

Before heading to the Ohms I was wondering how to speak about the ride. And I dreamed up The four “P”s: Purpose, Passion, People and Promise.

Purpose: SchoolBOX is very focused, in everything it does. There is a powerful and compelling vision about why SchoolBOX came into being, the reasons behind its services and programs, and the unwavering focus on the children who benefit from SchoolBOX efforts.

Passion: I can’t recall another group of people who are as passionate about their Purpose as the SchoolBOX team. And their Passion is contagious!

People: From Tom Affleck and his wife Sara, through Jon Tam and Ronaldo and Lenin and the board members and donors and supporters… and the swelling ranks of volunteers who are joining and contributing to the SchoolBOX story — all these people share the SchoolBOX Purpose and Passion.

Promise: This is the enormous impact that SchoolBOX has had in the lives of thousands of children and the adults around them. It is the hope SchoolBOX brings to these people and their country. And it is the huge potential that SchoolBOX is unlocking that will benefit so many.

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  1. jessica chaikowsky
    June 5, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Ilan – I love the 4 “P’s” What a different and wonderful spin on the traditional marketing ones. Your descriptions linked to the SchoolBOX phenomenon are dead on. Such an incredible group. And your commitment to the ride and this life adventure is admirable. Have an incredible time!

  2. May 30, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    Thank you Ilan! That is a wonderfully positive and focused synopsis of SchoolBOX. You are an amazing spokesperson for our work to ‘Make Education Possible’.

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