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Trust and let go

I haven’t blogged since returning from Nicaragua. The trip was a whirlwind – so many feelings, so much I want to say, and…I am having a hard time capturing the huge impact it had on me. So I will simply Trust that the right words will come to match the emotions. And I will Let Go till then.

So what’s with this “Trust and Let Go” business? As some of you know, I am a coach. I work mostly with executives and entrepreneurs. And I LOVE my work! Part of my commitment to my profession has been monthly ‘triads’ with two other coaches, where we practice and improve our skills and learn from each other. (The way it works is that one of us coaches another of us, while the third observes and provides feedback. Then we rotate roles, so that during the hour-and-a-half sessions we each occupy every role.)

My fellow triad-mates are Rosanne Carcasole and Leslie Kennedy. We planned to ‘meet’ this past Wednesday. (I say ‘meet’ because our sessions are always by phone, which is how coaching is often done.) Leslie was unable to make it. Rosanne called me…and I asked if she would coach me regarding a challenge I was having around the Ride.

What challenge? In a nutshell, I had two concerns:

1. Our fundraising efforts are already bearing wonderful fruit. We raised our goal from $40,000 to $100,000 — and even with this huge increase, some friends have said they are convinced that we will exceed this goal! With that, my concern shifted to ‘the challenges of the ride’. I have never undertaken such an ambitious cycling trip. Even the month in Bhutan pales by comparison. And it has been decades since I camped. So the closest analogy for me is my 3 months of infantry basic training…over 40 years ago! So in a nutshell: “Am I up to this?”

2. What do I want to get out of this ride, beyond raising the funds for SchoolBOX? In most of my past rides it was all about ‘performance’: riding fast and hard, finishing early each day, competing with other riders. I did not take time out to meet other riders (beyond conversations during meals) and I did not take time to enjoy the scenery or meet people along the way.

Rosanne’s coaching was excellent (as always). And in a nutshell I emerged with a determination to “Trust and let go” — to let go of performance and of anxiety around this enormous challenge, and to trust myself and, as importantly, OTHERS — the numerous friends and acquaintances and strangers — my family and friends, staff and volunteers at SchoolBOX (and their families and networks), friends of friends that have stepped in with funds and advice, the five other riders (who I will only meet a day before the ride begins!) and the many people I will meet along the amazing journey.

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  1. Jason
    May 31, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    Way to keep pushing the limit, Ilan! It’s been inspiring to see the donation meter steadily climb and looking forward to your updates as you make your way across the country!

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