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Good morning, or better still Buenos dias!

I got a solid 7 hours sleep last night – more than an hour above normal. I was not bothered in the least by Andrew’s rhythmic snoring. Andrew is my roommate during my visit. He too arrived yesterday, along with the Super Ninjas, to participate in a SchoolBOX building project. Oh, and just to be transparent — I probably got more like 9 hours of sleep — since I was nodding off a lot (One of my specialties, as those who know me will attest ;-))The Super Ninjas are the group of women who raised a lot of money in Canada to help SchoolBOX build a school in Nicaragua in honour of Shirley Case, the remarkable young Canadian aid worker who was murdered in Afghanistan. It turned Lu that several of these women are marketing types, so we had a great discussion about Cycle4SchoolBOX, re the key messaging about what makes SchoolBOX special, and why my ride fits so well with the terrific work of SchoolBOX.Back to the ‘here and now’. My first impression — Nicaragua is firmly in the Third World. Distant memories from living and travelling in such places came flooding in: the silliness of the poorly written and misspelled form visitors must fill, the look and feel of the terminal building and the airport, the huge disparities between the poor areas (where SchoolBOX does its remarkable work) and the wealthy core… And the huge needs…I am eagerly awaiting the experiences of the next few days!The photos capture first experienced – educational kits being assembled by a local family business, kids and schools, and the pool area at the hotel – an oasis for the evenings.


Elizabeth and her small store that packages school supplies


My first view up close of a Nicaraguan School!


I could not believe how many kids were going to receive school packages. They were all waiting patiently.


Jon and Tom speaking with the kids


I had a great time interacting with the kids at this school


The kids were very well behaved and attentive




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