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Happy Birthday to … me!

This promises to be a wonderful birthday year!

No surprise as to the gifts from Gay: bike stuff (per my requests.) It feels like I am now ‘fully kitted’. Over the next few days I will begin assembling the various bits and pieces of clothing, bike stuff, camping gear, electronic gizmos etc. I am sure I will blog about some of this. And some of it will be photo-worthy.

Speaking of photos — I managed to upload some from my phone, yipppeee! The next challenge is to blog from the phone. I am pretty sure I know how to do it — the challenge is to write while stopping during a ride. At this point it means pulling off to the side of a road, removing my liner gloves and mitts, fishing the phone out of the plastic bag in one of my jersey pockets, and then dealing with the frustrating ‘virtual keyboard’. I did just that during yesterday’s ride and thought I saved the draft. This morning I couldn’t find it. Oh well, I will definitely get there. And for the ride itself I bought a roll-up bluetooth keyboard, so I will be able to blog in luxury!

When i looked out the windows yesterday morning there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. “Oh, goody”, I thought. But my great intentions of leaving early got waylaid and I ended up starting the ride around noon. At that point the skies had changed: see 2 photos in the previous post. I wasn’t dressed for rain, so there was a great deal of ‘under-the-breath’ muttering and anticipatory cursing. NOT TO WORRY! Even though it stayed overcast, it also stayed dry!

As I headed north I rode above the infamous Hwy 401 — supposedly the busiest highway in NORTH AMERICA! Remember, this was a Saturday! Check out the photo of the westbound traffic in the express lanes (and even the collector lanes)! Glad I wasn’t there.

Photos and photography also took me back a week, to last Saturday. I was going to title that blog “I stopped counting after 10…”. The reference was to the seemingly endless wedding parties along the lake-shore. Numerous gatherings of all different sizes, ages, ethnic groups… all being herded this way and the other by zealous photographers, intent on capturing the perfect shots. LOL

Not sure where I will ride today. And the beauty of it is…it doesn’t matter! The pure joy of biking!

  1. May 9, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Happy Birthday Ilan!
    What an amazing year you have planned…

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