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For the last few days I gave myself a break. It was spitting rain and cool and not great for cycling, so I put in my time on my stationary recumbent bike while watching DVDs or flipping channels on the TV.

Ah, but Saturday was different. Can you say “P U R F E C T”? Yes, this misspelling captures the feel of day: ideal cycling conditions. I set out to do a long ride, about 100 kms (a little over 60 miles.)

Good: just the right temperature; barely noticeable wind; bright sunshine.

Bad: everyone and their relatives were ‘out’ — on the roads and on the trails, in cars, on motorbikes and bicycles, on foot and on rollerblades and on skateboards and … And most of them seemed to be tuned out, compliments of ear buds and music devices.

Good: it was such a treat to see so many people ‘springing forth’, enjoying what felt like the first real day of spring.

Good: I reached my intended turnaround point and decided to keep going. Saw a lovely neighborhood nestled along Lake Ontario — large well-kept homes with gorgeous gardens in bloom.

Good: I hoovered a foot-long roast beef Subway sandwich with all the trimmings, a bag of baked potato chips and a bottle of cranberry juice in record time, and without feeling guilty about the gourmet dinner we would be having in just a few hours’ time.

Bad: this weather would not last.

And now for something completely different….


The following is an UNPAID product endorsement!

If you ride a lot, or you ride long distances, ‘butt balm’ is a must! This is a cream that your spread over the bits of your anatomy that come in contact with your bike seat. (Actually, I assume you are wearing riding shorts!) I have used the “Chamois Butt’r” brand for many years and ‘wouldn’t leave home without it!” Five tubes await in Vancouver

The previous is an UNPAID product endorsement!


I was going to include a photo of the product but haven’t yet figured out how to transfer those from my phone…my next challenge!

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  1. May 5, 2011 at 9:16 am

    Just promise us that you will take a picture of the product package and not the application…. : ) Hope you have a great ride today with all of the blue skies and sunshine in the GTA.

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