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Celebrating our 20th anniversay; 1st presentation — to the Etobicoke Rotary Club

In a few hours Gay and I will fly to New York. Over the next few days we will celebrate our 20th anniversary! We are truly blessed. And Gay planned a wonderful mixture of events, entertainment, fab food, walking… It will be memorable!
Yesterday I spoke at the weekly lunch meeting of the Etobicoke Rotary Club. The first time I spoke about Cycle 4 SchoolBOX to a group. Well, I could not have had a nicer start! What a lovely group of welcoming people. I brought with me the SchoolBOX presentation and then decided, last minute, to just speak from my heart. I felt really good and connected with the 20 or so Rotarians and guests. And it was fun! In my presentation and then the Q&A we touched on a bunch of topics: how does one train for an 8,000 km bike ride (every day); what do you eat (everything in sight; lots of carbs; chocolate and power bars…); the bike I chose; the route we will take and many, many more.
I handed out about 10 SchoolBOX brochures. And an older gentleman handed me $10. The feedback was very positive. And one member mentioned that he would recommend that they club invite me back for another presentation…once the ride is over. Cool!
I received many words of support and encouragement. The two comments that most touched me were from a visiting Peruvian Rotarian, a teacher, who thanked me for my efforts on behalf of children in a Latin American country that so needs the help; and a powerful acknowledgment from the Rotarian who arranged my presentation. He said: ‘You won’t raise $40,000 — I am confident that you will raise over $100,000!’ Wow!

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