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Cycle4Change and SchoolBox.ca

Several friends have asked about Cycle4Change and SchoolBox.ca — the relationship between them, how to donate to “me and my ride”, etc. So here goes:

Cycle4Change (C4C) is my ride across Canada and related fund-raising effort. I am the only rider raising funds under this banner.

SchoolBox.ca (SB) is the amazing charity for whom I am raising the funds.

The folks at SB promised that by next week they will have a banner link from their website to my C4C blogsite. Understandably, they want to promote the SchoolBox brand, since it will keep going and growing long beyond my ride.

All the funds raised by me via C4C will go to SchoolBox.

By now SB has supported over 10,000 kids in Nicaragua. Each $5 donations supports one child. And, a portion of this amount will actually go towards building a school in Mata de Caña, in rural Nicaragua. Isn’t this great?

Re donations, you can either mail a cheque or donate online as in the instructions here:


– April 28/11 – Jon’s note:  The SchoolBOX Cycle4Change is now known as Cycle 4 SchoolBOX.  All previous url’s pertaining to the Cycle4Change will still operate as previously.  www.cycle4schoolBOX.com will also function.

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